Suites Casa Cuesta del Agua

COVID protocol

Suites Casa Cuesta del Agua

Safe stays with measures in place

We would like to welcome you with every guarantee that your health and well being are safeguarded. We have therefore established a rigorous protocol in recognition of the fact that our greatest challenge at present is to hold ourselves to the highest cleanliness and hygiene standards in order to minimise risks and improve the safety of both our guests and our employees.


*Automatic check-in available: provide us with your personal details 24 hours before your arrival to avoid delays and to expedite access to your apartment.

  • A maximum number of people permitted in the reception area has been set based on the available space.
  • Distance markers, in the form of stickers, signs and informational posters, have been put in place.
  • Sanitising mats have been placed at the hotel entrances to prevent the entry and spreadof contaminants
  • Hand sanitiser is provided at reception for use by customers.

  • Magnetic room keys and payment terminals are disinfected after contact and between each use.
  • Protective screens have been fitted at the reception desk to ensure adequate distancing.
  • The reception team wears face masks.
  • Invoices are sent by email after your stay, and payment by credit card is recommended in order to minimise contact.
  • Common areas, surfaces and furniture are frequently disinfected and cleaned, with special attention to high-traffic zones and areas such as lifts and corridors.
  • Air filters are cleaned more frequently and air-conditioning systems are used more widely to ensure a regular supply of fresh air.
  • Furniture has been rearranged and/or removed to free up space and ensure that social distancing is observed.
  • Overcrowding is prevented through capacity control, and traffic flow throughout the facilities has been thoroughly reviewed.
  • Disinfection stations with hand sanitiser dispensers have been set up.
  • Uninterrupted access to public information through posters in the reception and common areas.
  • Guests are informed of the prevention measures in place and the services available to them.
  • Windows, doors, cabinet knobs and drawers are disinfected.
  • All high-touch surfaces, such as lamps, switches and air-conditioning controls, are thoroughly cleaned.
  • The telephones and the TV and air-conditioning remote controls in the rooms are thoroughly disinfected.
  • All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with virucidal cleaning products approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • Walls and countertops are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The shower, taps, toilet and bath are also thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Rooms are ventilated during cleaning.
  • Washed at more than 60ºC (140ºF). Used linen is removed in a sealed bag to avoid contact with clean linen.